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PuppeteersUK is the national network organisation for puppetry in the United Kingdom. It represents the combined membership of the four national membership organisations as well as regional groups and puppet companies

The Puppet Centre Trust is a national development agency for the art form of puppetry

International puppetry organisation

UK branch of international puppetry organisation

Little Angel Theatre, London

Norwich Puppet Theatre

TYA-UK Centre of ASSITEJ is a network for makers and promoters of professional theatre for young audiences, linking the UK to theatres, organisations and individual artists around the world.

Action for Children’s Arts is a national membership organisation embracing all professionals working in children’s arts.

Dominic Sales, composer of music for Who's Been sitting in my Chair?, co-directs the innovative Jellymould Jazz label.


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On the Contact Us page the image of the Jester is taken from Tales from a Treehouse (a Freehand Theatre production), developed using code from Michael Bach's Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena pages

Artwork Little Red bluebell wood
Paul Miller

Lizzie Allen and Simon Hatfield
Children laughing on the Who's Been Sitting in My Chair? page by Roger V Moody.

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