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Frogs and Snails and Teddy Bear Tales

Information for Venues

Freehand Theatre performs in a wide variety of settings – arts centres, theatres, community and rural venues and at literature, arts and puppet festivals. Our work is designed for indoor spaces.

Practical Requirements

Freehand Theatre is technically self-sufficient with light and sound for community venues. However, in theatres, it is usually preferable to use the venue's lighting. Our requirements are very straightforward and can easily be sorted out with the services of one technician.

  • A playing space 6m (20') wide by 5m (17') deep with a ceiling height of 3m (10')
  • 3 hours get in
  • 1 hour get out

Length of Performance

The performance lasts about 45 minutes. Together with a short introduction and follow-up, the overall presentation is usually just under an hour.


The production is designed for children aged 3 to 7.

We have found that a maximum audience of 120 is ideal. This maintains the intimacy of the show which is especially important with such a young audience. Where possible we request venues with a larger capacity to consider reducing the seats for sale for this production. In order to make this viable we offer excellent reductions for a second performance in the same space on the same day.


We provide up to 20 A4 posters and 400 A5 handbills per venue inclusive in the fee. Small quantities of extra publicity can be supplied at cost price.

Other Information

  • All electrical equipment PAT tested
  • Members of Equity
  • 5m public liability insurance
  • Performer DBS checked

For our current fees, to make further enquiries or to make a booking: 01274 585277

The original production was created with support from the Arts Council.