Freehand Theatre Plays with Puppets Freehand Theatre Plays with Puppets

Little Red . . . You Know Who!

Taking a well-known traditional story (you know which!) as a starting point, the play follows an unconventional path through the woods....

puppet's feet and basket  from Little Red ... You Know Who

Using beautiful visual effects, inventive puppetry and original music, Freehand Theatre has created a play of special magic with young children in mind.

photo showing the moon in a performance of Little Red ... You Know Who

The music for this production has been composed by Hugh Nankivell, whose credits include work for Opera North, The National Theatre of Scotland and the Anglo-Japanese production, Whaletone. Hugh has been appointed as Dartington Hall’s first featured composer.

A reassuring world where wolves are kept safely between the covers of books; a world in which, out of the blue, a red box has a song to sing and a forest grows before your very eyes.

photo showing the wolf in Little Red ... You Know Who

Written and directed by Lizzie Allen
Designed by Simon Hatfield and Lizzie Allen
Performed by Simon Hatfield

The show was fantastic – it was quite beautiful and I was very proud that it was part of the festival
Director, Spark International
Children's Theatre Festival, Leicester

We absolutely loved Little Red...You Know Who! and I think it is one of my top highlights of the year
Development Officer, Arts Council of Wales

The interpretation of the story is artistic and has so many aesthetic elements that we feel the children have been greatly enriched by it. The show has stimulated the children and feedback from them has been wonderful.... altogether this excellent show has a balanced refinement which is very rare to find
Strand Infants, Grimsby