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Who's Been Sitting in My Chair?

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Who indeed?
One two three
Was it you or was it me?
Or was it perhaps a small wee bear?
Or was it the girl with the golden hair?

Painting of a chair by Kim Naumann

A playful and musical interpretation of a well known tale – with porridge and bears and one two three chairs.

A tale that's not too big and not too small but just right.

So you think you know this story? Well, take it from us, it's not so easy to tell when it's wintertime and the bears won't wake up – Zzzzzzzzz – what do bears dream about?

But spring in the air puts a spring in all our steps and one little girl is always a step ahead. And when small bear gets lost, we all have to go on a bear hunt!

girls footprints

Written and directed by Lizzie Allen
Designed by Simon Hatfield and Lizzie Allen
Performed by Simon Hatfield
Original music composed by Dominic Sales
Music played by Howard Jacobs on bass clarinet, Piero Tucci on accordian, Maeve Larkin on vocals and Dominic Sales on percussion and keyboard.
Chair painting by Kim Naumann

Scene from Who's Been Sitting in My Chair? - Robin and bear

I found it one of the most sensitive adaptations of this story I have yet seen. The children were very engaged, and I think this was to do with the lovely juxtaposition between the traditional and the contemporary concepts within the piece .. Some of the technical aspects were inspired and absolutely intriguing! It was beautifully played ...a lovely well rounded piece of theatre
Director, Isaacs UK – Cultural Learning

As usual we were staggered by your performance. Your dedication to the preparation of all the intricate detail and your perfect timing left us astounded. Please continue to create such beautiful dramas
Steeton Primary, West Yorkshire

photo showing the wolf in Little Red ... You Know Who

Thank you for another memorable and special visit. You are a magical oasis in a hectic, frenetic world. The children were entranced. We all loved it
Coombe Hill Infants, Kingston upon Thames

photo showing the moon in a performance of Little Red ... You Know Who

I have had the opportunity to book and watch many live theatre performances over the years and I can honestly say that this show was one of the best ... Simon was a natural with the children and they seemed totally enthralled by him and his performance... I would highly recommend it to anyone
The Hive Music and Media Arts Centre, Shrewsbury

Primary school chiildren enjoying the show. Photo by Roger Moody
Photograph © Roger V Moody