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I Spy Pigeon Pie

This is the tale of Samuel the Baker, bread shape maker; of how he used his bread making and baking to outwit the King and Queen and so saved the people from hunger and disaster.

puppet's hands making bread

It is a tale of resourcefulness and courage, of war and peace, of greed and generosity, of pigeon spies and bakers’ pies.

This gentle, funny and pertinent play will delight the eye and provoke the imagination.

Discover Samuel at work in his kitchen – a place where spoons turn into people, knives into soldiers and cupboards into castles.

As the bread bakes in the oven so we bake you a story which is warm and filling and nutritious! Samuel’s bread is food for thought.

Written by Lizzie Allen and performed by Simon Hatfield. Guest director Joyce Wren.

Your visits are without doubt the most completely enjoyable theatrical experiences we have had here. The children were totally filled with wonder, a most remarkable achievement and testimony to your efforts
Headteacher, St Anthony’s Primary School, Bradford, Yorkshire

Every element of the show seemed lovingly crafted and carefully considered.... I can’t think of a better introduction to theatre for young children
Fellow in Theatre, Bradford University, Yorkshire

puppet from Pigeon Pie

This is no mere puppet show. I Spy Pigeon Pie is a marvellous and magical experience with a strong and absorbing story
Times Educational Supplement

puppet from Pigeon Pie